A Vista/Windows 7 sidebar gadget to observe the cpu load of a Linux server.

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LinLoad is based on the two software components.
On the one side the gadget that shows the current load and on the other (server) side a Perl script to determine the servers load.
At server side a Perl-scripting enabled HTTP server (e.g. Apache) is needed.

Server side installation:
Iíve tested the script on CentOS 6.2 and 5.3 . So it should run on any RHEL based systems as well.
Just put the script ( somewhere in a public directory and make it executable.
(On my CentOs Iíve to put it into the cgi-bin folder!)
To test it you could just put the URL inside a web browser and something like this would indicate everything is fine:

({"cpuload" : "22"});

Client side installation:

At client side just double click on the gadget file and confirm the installation

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The gadget will appear in the sidebar location:
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Click on the wrench icon to open the configuration screen where you could setup a title (HTML format options are possible) for the server and the URL which points to the Perl script.

If you press O.K. the servers load will be displayed.

Different dots on the chart line will visually present this load:

Red: Server unavailable (Network link maybe broken or server down)
Green: Load is between 0% and 49 %
Gold: Load is between 50% and 74%
Red: Load is beyond 74 %

Multiple instances of the gadget that points to different servers are possible!

How does it work ?
For the people that are interested in more details I would suggest to check the source (the .gadget file is under the hood a .zip file, you can unzip it and have all the sources!).
The data flow is straight forward:

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Bugs :
If you found some, please file them in the tracker.

Enhancements / future plans
Currently I donít plan to add features to it because I have other project that I want to spend my spare time on.
But what I can think about is to add a full screen diagram to a Sharepoint workspace that shows the current state over the full screen instead of the gadget.

Questions (you might ask) :
-- Iíve enhanced the GUI, should I send it to you ?
Yes ! While development I played around with different colors and borders but nothing looked better to me than this. If you could enhance it, just send me the files, I will update the package !

-- Iíve ported your Perl script to PHP, are you interested ?
Sure, just send it, I will add it to the package.

Version history:

12.05.2012 v1.00 Ė initial release
14.05.2012 v1.01 Ė added option to show diagram in a minified way to make the gadget smaller


LinLoad.Gadget as well as are licensed under the GNU-GPL V2



Linload depends on this other components / libraries:

jQuery (v. 1.7.2)-> which is licensed: MIT/GPL (dual)

jQuery Sparklines (v. 2.0) -> is licensed: New BSD License

Please refer to the license and readme file within the gadget package (use any unzip tool)


Legal information:

Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Microsoft and Sharepoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.  (

Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries. (

"Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.